The legend of the local weather witches is told here

Our History

Once upon a time,.... this is not a fairy tale but a true Story. How the fairy tale park changed over the years

The philosophy of the Märchen-Erlebnispark is to create an environment for adults and children to play together.  We hope that through such experiences we can encourage the communication within families.  Because we put a lot of value on this philosophy we have tried to find alternatives to electronic toys and rides in the park. At the Märchen-Erlebnispark we believe that such group adventure in our free time is connected to and develops our adventurous natures.

From Fairy Tales to Adventure … the 70s

1971 Opening of the Märchen-Erlebnispark Marquartstein
1972  Winter business with new ski lift
1974 Pony rides, train, building of the deer area
1979 building of the area for the wild boars, purchase of the Märchenpark Ruhpolding


From Small to Big… the Busy 80s

1980  building of the petting zoo
1984 building of the new house and the park workshop
1986  building of the terrace in front of the restaurant
1987 building of the summer taboggan run
1989 building of the bicycle ferris wheel and carousel


Always Something New … the Creative 90s

1993 building and introduction of the Magic Mushroom
1996 25 year anniversary of the park. Building of the water playground
1997 Peter Aigner junior took over the operation of the park. Building of the treadmill merry go round
1999 building of the rodeo attraction the stubborn donkey and first internet site


With Tradition to New Goals… The Millenium

2000 Construction of the giant jumping pillow, the pavilion over the trampoline and the river wading pool.
2001 building of the "Swinging Gondola"
2002 The "Spray Race" bicycle ride.
2004 Excalibur
2006 Children's Construction Zone
2007 Forest Playground "Witch Climb"
2008 Witch school
2009 Elevated train: "Snail Rail"
2010 Expansion and relocation of the petting zoo.
2011 New internet site. Fairy tales translated into Englisch an Italien. Fairy tale figures an hauses renovated
2012 Witches power station
2013 The town musicians fo Bremen
2014 Park & Charge charging station
2015 Wheelbarrow Race
2016 Selfie Station
2017 New toilet building in the park
2019 Pony-Derby


Your Team for Play and Fun…

And so here at the Märchen-Erlebnispark we have something to do the whole year… with new attractions we want to surprise you in the future.  A visit with your family for play and adventure for young and old will be an unforgettable experience every time.  Those who come here once will happily come again and again.

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