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Kindergarden Groups

We offer special conditions for kindergarden groups. For every 10 children one adult supervisor entrance is free.

If you are planning a visit with a Kindergardengroup, please see the special prices below.

Kindergarden Groups 2020

Entrance for kindergarden children € 7.00
Entrance for adults € 11.50

For every 5 children one adult supervisor is free. The discounted prices are valid only when the entrance is purchased for the entire group by the leader of the kindergardengroup.

Reserved parking for busses can be arranged via email on marquartstein@maerchenpark.de or telephonically during opening hours on 08641-7269.

Opening hours Märchen-Erlebnispark Marquartstein:

Open daily from 04.04.2020 to 08.11.2020, from 9:30am - 6pm. Entrance until 5 pm.

We reserve the right to close the park at short notice due to bad weather.

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