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General Information


Dogs are allowed in the park:
1. but must be kept on a short leash (no leash),
2. may not be tied to benches or the like without supervision
3. should behave calmly and not bother park visitors or animals in the park
4. Not allowed in rides
5. The owner is liable for damage caused by the dog.


General terms and conditions for all visitors

1. Parking

Please note that in our parking area do apply the rules and regulations of the German road traffic rules and regulations. (StVO)

In order to ensure trouble-free traffic in this area, the instructions of our statutory guardians must be strictly observed at all times.

When leaving your car, please ensure you have closed the doors, trunk, windows and sunroof and do not leave any valuables visible in your car.

2. Admission fees

The area of the Märchen-Erlebnispark can only be entered with a valid entrance ticket and only at the designated entrance gates. The ticket must be kept for the duration of the stay and must be shown at the request of the park staff. The ticket is only valid on the day of purchase and not transferable.

People under the influence of alcohol and or drugs may be denied entry and excess to the park grounds in a whole.

3. General safety regulations

a) dogs are welcome on park grounds but must be kept on a short lead. Biters and permanent barkers are not desired. Dogs have no excess to the rides and the specifically marked areas of the park. Other pets are not allowed.

b) the fire regulations in the park must be observed at all times. It is particularly for   bidden  to light fires at  places other than those designated for this purpose, like the grill place. Smoking is not allowed in the forest area of the park.

c) Visitors are not allowed to leave the designated paths within the park.

d) The possession of guns and the carrying of weapons or dangerous objects, (guns, pistols, knives, chains, etc), are not permitted in any part of the park.

e) The instructions of the park personnel must be followed in your own interest.

f) The deliberate creation of noise and the loud operation of music systems is prohibited throughout the park.

4. Use of facilities and attractions in the Märchen-Erlebnispark

The facilities in the park are available to you within the respective user regulations. Please observe the operating instructions and the instructions of the park personnel. Should you want to ignore these operating instructions and or the instructions of the park personnel, kindly note that the park personnel can exclude you from the use of the attraction, without any right to claim on your part. This also applies to “pushing” in a queue.

You are liable for all damages caused by disregarding the operating instructions or malicious damage.

5. Use of the playgrounds

The use of the playgrounds, play equipment and similar facilities are at your own risk.

6. Supervisory Obligation

We would like to point out to all parents and especially group leaders, that they will be responsible for the supervision of all children, as the park personnel can not release  them of their duty. In this context, all supervisors and parents bear sole responsibility for all damages arising from the supervision.

7. Limitation of liability

We are only liable for damage caused by the intent and gross negligence of our park personnel, in particular, no liability is accepted for any objects brought along in to park grounds privately.

8. Accident Reports

All facilities in the park are carefully maintained and monitored. Should you nevertheless be harmed without your own fault, kindly report this before leaving the park at the cash desk.

A claim for damages is excluded if the accident report is made after leaving the park area at the same day.

9. Advertising and offering of goods and services

Advertising on the premises and on parking spaces of the park as well as the provision of goods and services are only permitted with the prior written consent and approval of the management, This also applies to the conduct of surveys and censuses.

10. Park Rules

TheMärchen-Erlebnispark is entitled to direct people who violate the parking regulations or who are found without a valid entrance ticket on park grounds without compensation from the park areas.

Supervising a group:

As a Supervisor you accept the responsibility  for each person in the group. To avoid misunderstandings and unfortunate surprises, please do take note of the following points. These information should also be passed on to additional supervising adults and the group members:

  • Stubborn Donkey: Only 1 Person is allowed at a time. Please take note of the operating instructions.
  • SummerToboggan Slide: Please keep a 50 meters safety distance to the bobsleigh in front. No longer needed sleighs are to be removed from the Toboggan Slide and placed on the side railing.
  • Elevated Snail Rail: standing up, leaning out, getting in and out during operation is strictly forbidden. A maximum of 2 people applies. (Exceptions are made for babies and toddlers if carried on the lap of an adult).
  • Big jumping pillow: consideration is to be taken of younger children, as they can easily fall off the sides.
  • Park Train “Alpen Express”: standing up, leaning out, getting in and out during operation is strictly forbidden.
  • Crazy Gondola: the Gondola is designed for max 4 adults or 6 children at one time. Please take note of the operating instructions.
  • Petting Zoo: animals are living creatures and should be treated as such. Goats tend to not take note of branded clothing as they just love to nibble on clothes in general from time to time.

For any further questions and Problems, please contact the park personnel at the cashiers desk or throughout the park.